This time my kitchen table was join by the music artist and aspiring academic Valerija Kravale. Valerija calls herself a Berliner and a Russian native speaker. Through her impressionistic vocal lines, guitar soundscapes and electronic dark wave, Valerija wants to reconnect with her past and explore the post-soviet nostalgia, calling her music Post-Soviet-Pop. During our conversation we spoke about her concert set "Constant Flux" and a recently released EP "We are betrayed" (Мы обмануты). What's more we also discussed the aversion to the Russian language shared across the former Soviet states.

References: Constant Flux // "We are betrayed" (Мы обмануты) full EP // Music video // Night Watch (movie) // Brat 2 (movie) // Zero 2 (movie) // Dede (movie) // Georgian wine shop Berlin

Recipes: Abkhazian Eggplant, Georgian Khinkali & Russian Pancakes 

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