For this episode I had the pleasure to meet Ștefan Ionescu-Ambrosie - a Romanian writer and researcher currently based in Barcelona. His work was published among others in KAJET Journal, Hinterlands Magazine, [Inter]Sections Journal and Norient. Ștefan is also an author of praznumen - a blog dedicated to writings on cinema, books, video games, music and dance. During our Kitchen Conversations we mainly discussed two cultural trends in contemporary Romania: The New Wave and manele subculture, both in relation to mental health and intergenerational trauma. 

References: blog praznumen // Romanian Revolution // What is Gopnic? // Manele – Memeified Music // The Death of Mr. Lazarescu (New Wave example) // Aferim! (trailer) // Florin Salam - Saint Tropez (manele example) // How manele are being used by more progressive millennial voices in Romania

Favourite home food: Romanian Bean Soup

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