Happy 2022 everybody! Welcome back!

For the first episode of this brand New Year, I had the pleasure to speak to Kai Hermann - host of the podcast ost.GAYze, which focuses on queer Eastern-European perspectives from and in Germany. Together we chatted about the history of Silesia, where Kai's family migrated from, about the intersection of his dual identity, being Polish and queer and about the great work being done by Eastern European queers all over the region. Have a great listen!

Favourite Christmas food: Siemieniotka

References: ost.GAYze podcast // Die 7 osTraum Podcasts auf Deutsch // BBQ podcast // PostOstPride podcast // Silesia // ostGAYze with Marta Popivoda // Bart Staszewski // Magazyn Replika // Sex Education // Grupa Stonewall // XPOSED Queer Film Festival // LTKino // QINO // goEast Film Festival

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