Just before the end of the year I travelled to William Morris Gallery, located in north-east London to see Young Poland: An Arts and Crafts Movement (1890–1918) exhibition and speak to one of the shows curators, Julia Griffin. 

From the end of the 18th-century Poland underwent successive partitions, resulting in the country disappearing from the map of Europe for 123 years. After a couple of failed military uprisings, Polish people understood that making art was the only remaining way to preserve their endangered national identity. 

During our Kitchen Conversations, Julia Griffin shared her ongoing research on the Young Poland movement - its characteristics, socio-political motivations and heroes, among others Stanisław Wyspiański, Stanisław Witkiewicz, Karol Kłosowski and Maria Pawlikowska-Jasnorzewska.

This project was supported by Polish Cultural Institute, London (PCI) and co-financed by the Polish Minister of Culture and National Heritage.

Favourite Christmas food: Russian pierogi, pierogi with sauerkraut, cumin & mushrooms, Borsch (beetroot soup) 

References: William Moris Gallery // Young Poland project website // Portrait of Doom // Reportage about Portrait of Doom // Stanisław Wyspiański - exhibition // Polish design - exhibition

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